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 Gold is where you find it and at Calaveras Coins and Jewelry you will discover a large selection of both all natural fine placer and lode gold specimens of various shapes and sizes. One-ounce and larger nuggets are many times rarer today than one-carat diamonds as many of the largest nuggets reportedly found throughout history have again been melted for industrial or intrinsic value. Consequently, it is only in the last several decades that the true rarity of these gold nuggets has emerged as desirable pieces of natural history, as less than two percent of the world’s gold remains in nugget form. Reflecting the great history of mankind, the romance of exploration and the mystery and inspirations of men, each gold nugget is a distinctive and unique store of incredible value for yourself or an ultimate gift for a loved one. Hence, why not consider adding an all natural gold nugget or two to your collection today from Calaveras Coin and Jewelry.


 Treasured for its unmatched luster, beauty and intrinsic value, gold and silver have historically been a cornerstone of every civilization as a medium of exchange, a store of value and a symbol of wealth. Even today, gold  and silver are essential internationally recognized monetary and financial assets trusted by the individual collector and investor to central banks of major governments alike as a storehouse of value.  Calaveras Coin & Jewelry feature jewelry, investment grade and specimen pieces of both gold and silver.



 In addition to our superior customer service we hold a very high standard for our customers. We want you to feel confident in the choices you make whether you’re selling your valuables, or buying one of our unique pieces. Calaveras Coin & Jewelry has extensively trained staff that specialize in watches, gold, silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry. We depend on accuracy to determine the true value of each and every piece. Determining an accurate value is crucial in assuring you get the most for your items. Most gold and silver buyers are simply melting everything down, whereas we perform true testing and use honed skills and state of the art equipment for a true and fair market valuation. This is the major reason why our jewelry buyers pay you more. 

 Another key aspect of gold, watch and jewelry buying is the trust between the customer and the business. We feel it is extremely important for you to trust the company you do business with, as most of our valuables are dear to us and at times hard to let go. We want you to feel secure in the fact that you are receiving Top Dollar for your Gold, Silver, and Diamond Jewelry as well as having a sound mind should you decide to sell. Professionalism, privacy and security play a major role in the foundation of our company and we would love a chance to prove this to you. Feel free to visit our location today as you do not need an appointment. However you are more than welcome to call and set one up should you choose to liquidate a larger collection.


Why Take Less? Come See Us Today!
We Buy Gold:

Raw Placer Gold Nuggets

Gold Specimens

Raw Gold Dust
Gold Coins 
(Investment & Collector Grade)

Gold Jewelry & Watches

Gold Ingots & Bars

We Buy Silver: 

Silver Coins (Investment & Collector Grade)

Silver Jewelry & Watches

Silver Ingots, Bars & Rounds


Silver Tea Sets

Raw Silver

We Sell:

Investment Grade Gold & Silver

Gold Nuggets

Gold Specimens

Gold & Silver Coins (Invest. & Collector Grade)

Pre-1965 90% Silver Coins

Gold & Silver Ingots, Bars & Rounds

Gold & Silver Jewelry

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